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  Sailing freighter   
- 2D- and 3D Concepts and designs for new-builds and conversions.
   A direct translation from owner's wishes into a realistic plan up to an agreed grade of detailing, consisting of- or
   followed by a General Arrangement  Plan and other specifications

- Interior- and exterior lay-outs for sailing- and motor yachts and ships

Precise 3D hull- and roundhouse design. By precise we mean building accuracy. 

- Stability calculations to the latest SOLAS, EU 98/18, MCA, RH or CE criteria, an inclining test possibly included

- Performance calculations for displacement-, half gliding- and planing hulls.

- 2D- and 3D construction working drawings for steel- and aluminium structures. Expansions of plates curved in
  one or two planes possibly included. 

- Rigging drawings and -calculations for custom built masts, bowsprit, booms, gaffs and yards.

- Designs and drawings for special constructions on the 'border' of shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, 
  such as rudders, centerboards, movable platforms, hatches, etc

- Class related drawings such as, Safety plans, Structural Fire Protection Plans, Escape plans incl. escape analysis
   (pass. ships), Visibility from bridge,  Arrangement of Life Saving appliances etc. 

- Support during building turns out to be an useful service we can offer. This is what experience learns, especially 
  for larger yachts and ships. Acting as an experienced and competent advisor during an often hectic building 
  process can be very efficient.

The following software is used: 

3D Hull- and roundhouse design         Fairway of Sarc, Bussum, NL 
and (3D-formed) plate expansions 

3D Roundhouse design
and 3D presentations                          Rhino3D of McNeel, Seattle, US

2D Drawings                                        AutoCad of Autodesk, US

Stability- and 
Performance calculations                    PIAS of Sarc, Bussum, NL

Text-editing and spread-sheets           Open Office, Sun Systems, US