55M_Gulden Leeuw     46_feet_YawlFin     46M_Passengership     49M_Schooner   

A preliminary design of an inland water Dutch klipper capable of cruising with people with a handicap and therefore equipped with a wheelchair-lift and extra space in cabins and sanitary spaces for good accessibility. Also the sheer and deck camber are tempered for the same reason. The ship can suite also day-passengers having a conference, meeting or just a nice day out for leisure. Because of some shallow Dutch inland waterways, the ship has 2 centerboards as an alternative for the traditional leeboards, also making optimal trimming possible. Drawings and calculations were made up to an working drawings degree of accuracy, when the Principal put a hold on the project.

Main Particulars

Overall length 53,81 m
Hull Length 45,97 m
Waterline length 39,83 m
Moukded Breadth 7,93 m
Depth 2,86 m
Draft 1,25 m/ 3,56 m
Total Sail area 948 m2
Displacement 211 ton
Airdraft 40,00 m
Hull material Steel grade A
Roundhouse material Steel Grade A
Fuel 8,2 m3
Fresh water 18,6 m3
Holding 3,0  m3
Waterballast 10,4 m3
Nr. of Passengers / Nr. of Daypassengers 24 / 125
Nr. of crew incl. master 5