55M_Gulden Leeuw     46_feet_YawlFin     46M_Passengership     49M_Schooner   

This concept-design is the result of a search for the combination of a sailing yacht for commercial charter for 12 guests and 8 crew with beautiful aesthetics. In other words to merge classic charm with enough living space to stay in comfort. As you can see the outlines refer to the good old classic ladies of the beginning of the twentieth century. At the same time the freeboard is increased and a classic roundhouse and a lowered bridge are added to accommodate the present standards of comfort and techniques. The ship can meet the latest criteria of MCA , GT (gross tonnage) less than 500.

Main Particulars

Overall length 57,10 m
Hull length 49,50 m
Waterline length 36,43 m
Beam moulded 9,50 m
Draft 4,55 m
Airdraft 55,70 m
Displacement 300 ton
Standard sailarea 1225 m2
Nr. of guests 12
Nr. of crew incl. master 8