55M_Gulden Leeuw     46_feet_YawlFin     46M_Passengership     49M_Schooner   

The idea for this sailing yacht came into being during a sailing trip from Holland to Stockholm, Sweden in 2008 with my friend and co-designer Ben Korner. Both searching for the (impossible) ideal yacht for longer passages.

As we concluded, speed for longer trips is a necessity, as well as easy handling, comfort and safety are. These characteristics should be well balanced, keeping in mind, that the weather gods are not always on our side. Of course the design had to be just beautiful and classic based, making a difference with the GRP mainstream.
So I designed a yacht with an aluminium hull, a cutter-based stem, overhanging stern and a fine transom. 
A nice classic doghouse on deck for inside steering and a relaxed protected view to the outside world when sailing and at anchor. A teak wood bulwark is attached, to make the classic appearance even more obvious.

For longer trips a centerboard is found to be unnecessary, the fixed keel having the advantage of the stowage of all ballast as well as the fuel in an integrated tank. Although I love classic boats, I strongly believe in modern features and therefore the rudder is deep, narrow, well-balanced, and with NACA-wing profile streamlines, the underside equipped as a crash zone. With a ground touch, this part gives way, leaving the rudder head and the rest of the rudder unharmed.

Since we are fanatic sailing sailors we found a 2-mast yawl rigging configuration adequate because of the different sail geometry possibilities. Also the mizzen acts as a navigation pole, still functioning when the mainmast, Heaven forbid, has gone overboard. Therefore both masts are separately rigged.

In our view the interior should  be simple and efficient, with just a little bit more space for less interior divisions as normally seen. So no cabins for too many persons !

As for safety we concluded, that in general, having just one or two watertight compartments, most times a yacht cannot survive a collision with for instance, a drifting 40' container in the night. I implemented a watertight division of 5 compartments with watertight doors to be able to stay safely afloat after such an event, without the need of an immediate jump into a sick-making life raft, heading towards an uncertain fate.

And for the practical details: direct accessible flush deck hatches for light-weather sails and the always annoying fenders and mooring lines were added.

Main Particulars

Overall length
16,67 m
Hull Length 14,06 m
Waterline Length 11,32 m
Moulded Breadth 4,00 m
Overall beam 4,15 m
1,75 m
18,00 m
Standard Sailarea
123 m2
Main Engine 41 kW / 56 pK
Displacement 15,00 ton