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55M_Gulden Leeuw

Gulden Leeuw in Saint Malo (France) during the start of the 'Route du Rhum' in october 2010

In 2008 Korner Yacht design and KHMB Y&S Design were approached by professional and experienced sailing ship owners for the design of the conversion of the 'Dana Nyborg', former Danish 'Esvagt Dana' into a three-mast topsail schooner. In this form the ship will act as a platform and regatta-ship for trainees and - on other days,  as a proud sailing yacht for day passengers, possibly during great events. With her GT measurement just under 500 and the technical state she is in, it was found to be reasonably possible to convert her to SOLAS- / EU 98/18 -criteria, sailing under the Dutch flag. Nevertheless the conversion was massive and had a great impact on the interior steelwork and outfitting of the whole ship, under- as well as above deck. Three aluminium (!) masts and a steel bowsprit, together with aluminium topmasts, booms, gaffs and yards ensure a reliable sailing rig for 1600 square metres of sail. The interior is completely new build and  has an honest and intimate atmosphere of a classic sailing yacht of the 1920-ties and is spacious at the same time. With her beautiful classic lines, accentuated by several new designed classic features, she definitely causes a silence, impressed audience, while sailing, and/or entering a harbour. KHMB Y&S Design is very proud to be one of the designers of this classic beauty, which is the largest topsail schooner flying the Dutch flag. 
We served the owner, among other things, with the following designs, drawings, calculations and support:
- General Arrangement Plan (from first sketch to the as built- and approved plan)
- Sail plan (from first sketch to the as built- and approved plan)
- Lines plan
- Class related drawings, such as  Structural Fire protection plan, Fire- and Safetyplan etc
- General Construction plan and Mainframe
- All working drawings for steelwork under- and on deck
- All working drawings for the aluminium masts and spars as also for the steel bowsprit
- All necessary weight calculations. Check on GT tonnage measurement
- Communication and correspondence with all subcontractors and Flag state administration (IVW)

Main Particulars

Overall length 70,10 m
Hull Length 55,71 m
Waterline length 49,15 m
Moukded Breadth 8,50 m
Depth 4,50 m
Draft 4,20 m
Total Sail area 1600 m2
Displacement 700 ton
Airdraft (without / with lowered tops)  42,60 m / 40,00 m
Hull material Steel grade A
Roundhouse material Steel grade A / Aluminium alloy
Originally built Danmark 1937 / extended 1939
Converted by P&T Charters, Kampen 2010
Classification SPS 2008 (Solas) / EU 98 - 18, Class B new
Flag state / Class Dutch / IVW
Nr. of Trainees / Nr of Daypassengers 56 / 213
Nr. of Crew incl. master 4 / 5